About Us

What You Can Expect From Us

Complete Scope Of Work

A full-service firm with capabilities to deliver comprehensive construction services at a fair price and a "hassle-free" construction experience.

Professionalism & Competency

Experienced and well-trained personnel who will conduct themselves in a manner that keeps your best interests in mind.

Knowledgeable Personnel

Access to the industry's latest trends, best practices and new technologies helping us streamline our processes in order to deliver greater value to you.


Attention to detail and thorough planning from project inception to completion to insure we are doing the right thing first, the right way, and the first time.

Brian Culmer

Finance Manager

Company's profitability, liquidity, and solvency; making sure it earns the maximum return on liquid assets and incurs minimum expenses on borrowed capital.Ensure that margins on jobs are maximized through cost recovery. Forecast financial future and anticipate monetary needs of company, maintaining its creditworthiness.Report the company's financial condition, operations, contingencies, and opportunities accurately and completely.

Roderick Spencer


Public relations with private entities as well as federal, state and local agencies.

Berry St.Vil

Vice President

Operations, procurement, estimating and supervision.of subcontractors and personnel. Bidding and negotiate on work contracts. Purchase of capital equipment supplies and materials.